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  1. Anybody playing on a higher difficulty? I think I'm playing on "normal" and Eredin is a cakewalk. Might switch to Deathmarch for the DLC.
  2. Nah I need that experience for after my vacation - I'll be seeing my family so I need something for after to restore my sanity
  3. Finally finished it... and only because I decided to finish it before I leave on vacation, so at one point I stopped doing side quests and finished the main. To my huge disappointment I got the BAD ending... completely unexpectedly because I thought I did everything right and was very supportive (before I finished it I had no idea what choices lead to what endings). Then I read the FAQs and realized I made one rushed bad choice which I had no idea it mattered that much, and that was enough. I will fault the game that the short few words describing each timed choice sometimes are so unclear you have no idea what your choice means until the cutscene plays through. Still at the end of the day I think they handled the "meaningful choice" thing a lot better than say Mass Effect where things are just blatantly gamey and fundamentally cosmetic. Also I wish they did a little more work so you can continue after the actual ending. All that's required is changing some flags and soldiers here and there and maybe a few more lines for the main characters. Anyway I'll redo the last couple hours to see the best ending (since I'm literally one different choice away from it) and I guess leave the DLC for after I come back from vacation.
  4. Walls basically don't work because the pathfinding AI will teleport NPCs through walls at the drop of a hat. I've observed it several times (just sat and watched how NPCs deal with obstacles). It's just Bethesda.
  5. https://warontherocks.com/2017/07/north-koreas-icbm-a-new-missile-and-a-new-era/ It only cites other sources though.
  6. I think you didn't look at the article, he's focusing on other things, not whether it's liquid propellant. Later I read another article which is pretty much the opposite... so dunno.
  7. http://breakingdefense.com/2017/07/this-is-not-the-icbm-you-are-looking-for-detailed-analysis-of-north-korean-missile/
  8. I played too much during the holiday. Now I walk by a roll of duct tape on a shelf in my office and feel an urge to pocket it.
  9. +1 They have no concept of "not acceptable". Chinese workers with western QC enforcers produce consistent quality, otherwise it's all over the map.
  10. LOL the original Tomb Raider is actually from 1996 Apparently in relative time that's about the same time when the Pyramids were built...
  11. Dawnguard. Skyrim's version of the BoS without the super cool armor that is... the top armors in Skyrim are basically evil (Daedric) and Dragonbone. Actually the Stormcloaks are also nazis (which is why I always go Empire, my character is an immigrant Redguard ) so you have plenty of lawful-but-not-really-all-that-good options there.
  12. Fritz

    NASA G2

    It's specific because of this https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/speaking-of-science/wp/2017/06/26/someone-made-a-ridiculous-video-about-nasa-finding-aliens-news-outlets-took-the-bait/?utm_term=.c62b2d981f2d
  13. I joined the Space Marines. Cause they're cool and they gave me nice power armor. First I tried to do a moral choice but then I decided my character will be naive and take everything he's told at face value, so he just bought all the end justifies the means talk (actually he pretty much just ignored it while ogling the shiny power armor). * * * So anyway Skyrim is in many ways more immersive, it does feel like a whole continent (the climate differences between the north and south help a lot with the illusion), there's a lot of verticality on the map (probably more than any other game I've ever played) and you can definitely fire it up and do NOTHING for hours (just hike around, pick flowers and butterflies etc). FO4 is first and foremost a shooter.
  14. You like it, very stable, once SKSE64 comes along it will be great. SKSE64 seems to be dead at the moment, unknown if development will ever continue.
  15. One thing about mods, you "don't" have to install any but I STRONGLY recommend you get at least the unofficial patch. I'm going to install the FO4 unofficial patch now and see if it fixes my CTD. *** I'm not going to install the FO4 unofficial patch because it requires all DLC and I only bought the base game
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