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  1. Did the UK supply BROACH-equipped Storm Shadows to Ukraine? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BROACH_warhead I wonder what would be the effect of one or two hits of those in the sills of spillway gates of that dam.
  2. Thanks, I did not know of the reduced water demand of Crimea. Looks like the likely reason for the high level of water in the reservoir was the inability to open the gates.
  3. Those gates are metal structures ca. 10m in height. They do not need to be very sturdy in comparison with other kind of gates used other types of big dams. I guess they would be as vulnerable to subaquatic blasts as a typical merchant ship.
  4. A bit on that - There is no need to have dam full for it, now. However, after several weeks sending water to Crimea, and without without rain influx, the level decreases. So it is important to have the dam full at the end of the "wet" station.
  5. Well, that should answer one of Markus' objections. Many thanks for all that information too. Especially the cross-sections of the dam. I guess that blancolirio has not seen them yet.
  6. What on Earth is a "generational officer"?
  7. Went to automatically translate the key of the figure showing the cross section of the spillway of the dam: Seems the gates are of the vertical moving bulkhead type, so they should act as spillways without receiving damage for a moderate period of time in case the water level exceeds their upper edge. Also, blancolirio, he of Oroville dam fame, put a video on the destruction of Kakhovka dam. There was a mention of the evolution of the level of water in the reservoir. I guess the approach is to have the dam full at spring end to send water to the Crimean fields.
  8. The higher the rotational speed of the engine, I suppose. Also, I think there are not many really big internal combustion engines that use electric fans on their radiators, but I could be wrong.
  9. Capacity of the gates could be a reason. Damage to the gates mechanisms could be another. Lack of control over the gates could be another. Also, what capacity have the Crimean reservoirs that were fed by the North Crimea Canal? On flank securing, note the most of the flooded area is on the Russian occupied side of the river. So that would be a case of securing a flank while destroying the defensive works of that flank.
  10. I meant civil engineers in the West. Bit like what happened with a significant number of members of another profession in relation to covid some months ago. Still I have no idea on how determine who were the culprits of this disaster. That was among the 30 biggest reservoirs in the world Europe.
  11. Kakhovka reservoir kept 41% of the total amount of water in the Dnieper cascade (https://www.jwld.pl/files/2022-01-JWLD-14-Khilchevskyi.pdf). Next bigger reservoir is Kremenchuk with 31%. I guess this later is the one to monitor. The Dnieper reservoir that appears in the Telegram video is only 7%, but it is the one just upstream of Kakhovka, so seeing it being drained is quite relevant.
  12. Please do not mistake the "twitter experts", barely more than paid shills, for real experts. I have not seen any statement on the current matter by any civil engineer specialized in dam construction. I have seen lots of wild assed guesses, however.
  13. There are more dams in the Dnieper, you know. 5, to be precise, all upstream of the destroyed dam. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dnieper_reservoir_cascade
  14. There is a jokes thread, you know.
  15. Very moving, thanks for sharing.
  16. Thanks, really interesting.
  17. That should be a quite angry T-34.
  18. That land was fertile before the construction of the dam, I think. Also, that is the land whose conquest should be more difficult for the Ukrainians. Finally, that Giureti dude writes from Kiev, and no barely independent journalist could write from Kiev without receiving a more or less friendly visit from the Ukrainian KGB.
  19. Because of McCarrick, I dare say... 😒
  20. That sucks, I am sorry. I shall pray to Saint Christopher...
  21. Well, damage shown in pictures does not agree fully with that. There is damage to a turbine hall, but the big hole in the gates structures...
  22. Did you watch that miniseries with James McAvoy playing Leto II? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0287839/
  23. Seems civilians were not warned. If that was done by the Ukrainians, then they did not even notice their own troops stationed in islands downstream of the dam. Imagine the civilians - perhaps a case of we needed to kill our civilians before the Russians killed them.
  24. War crimes, and blowing up a dam could be a war crime, are horrible.
  25. Some reference to the attacks suffered by the dam in late 2022 But there is also this other reference:https://meduza.io/en/news/2022/08/11/ukraine-strikes-crucial-bridge-in-nova-kakhovka with video inside of the dam: https://t.me/stranaua/57059 Not the first time UK's MoD has been caught with pants on fire on topics concerning the current unpleasantness in Ukraine, however.
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