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  1. Biden, the rock star candidate. Yeah, right.
  2. https://spectator.org/rudy-giuliani-sidney-powell-press-conference/
  3. https://www.asian-dawn.com/2020/11/19/progressives-declare-war-on-asians-meritocracy-and-stem/amp/ This irate parent is not being prophetic, as the decline of Intel is already a fact:
  4. I have not experienced that roughness you complain about. Also I could say the most useful thing one could write in this Grate Sight is "I stand corrected".
  5. Oh no, you had to go and mark yourself as an Anti-Semite. Bad Rick, bad!
  6. I studied metallurgy and machine design back in the day, but the real small arms specialists here are Simon, and Bojan. I know that if one varies the dimensions of certain parts, you could reduce the stresses they should cope with. Case in point: by putting the locking surfaces the lock has to interface with in a barrel extension -using a rotating bolt, for instance- to you could use a lighter receiver, like on an AR15. If you use a mechanism with a flap locking in the receiver, then you shall use a beefier receiver, like on a BAR.
  7. Not necessarily. Impact stresses could appear in a localized manner, especially near stress concentration areas.
  8. As Ruger is known by its proficiency in casting, I suppose that is the reason for not being Ruger-made AK clones. I guess there are no grades of casting steel with the impact resistance of 4140, also.
  9. This hobby of image signal processing provides awesome images, for sure.
  10. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-37243190
  11. That was the case in Venice (the Italian one, not the LA beach), for sure. A cursory search pointed out the Maldives could be more of the same.
  12. Looks like an airsoft device, so no worries.
  13. So the Maldives have been underwater by 2 years now. Fortunately, we have some videos from 3 years ago that show what have been lost (or not). For instance:
  14. Fortunately for you, Trump is no limp bureaucrat like then Spanish PM Portela Valladares. Smoking guns: https://archive.is/I20Al
  15. Well, there was the experience of the Spanish General Election of February, 1936. Nobody should want to repeat that.
  16. https://gab.com/NeonRevolt/posts/105246338758185683 https://social.quodverum.com/@REX/105241549897925240
  17. No, the fracas of the mail-in voting/absentee ballots was enough. There are other people reading this thread, nevertheless.
  18. For the second time, there has not been a recount done in Georgia.
  19. I find fascinating the array of legal means available to a sitting President of the US for reasons of restoring law and order in exceptional situations like natural disasters or insurrections. Seems that there will be no proof of that, ever.
  20. Fire control systems on USS New Jersey. The museum operations had received a grievous hit because of pandemy restriction.
  21. https://meaninginhistory.blogspot.com/2020/11/the-mcinerney-theory.html
  22. Could those two cables that could be seen at the rear of the MG some means of using the pulling chains used to arm and shoot the gun?
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