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  1. There were even coal mines connected to canals that allowed miners to load directly from the excavating face to the boat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worsley_Navigable_Levels
  2. There are youtubers to film that, however.
  3. There are still people that do not believe we got to the Moon, or people that claim there is no God. I think there is no thing as as irrefutable evidence that would make some people to accept a fact as a fact when they do not want to.
  4. I do not think that minister is so young.
  5. Well, tell it to that Foreign Minister.
  6. The Nakba was not a imaginary happenstance, you know.
  7. Only if the owner does not give the Police superintendent a special handshake.
  8. No Englishman was the first in neither the North nor the South Pole, however.
  9. Ignore him, then. He could get bored of not getting interaction.
  10. That does not mean the existing inhabitants need to be expelled, methinks. Edited to add: anyway, the UN passed another resolution in 1974.
  11. That is addressed in the links I posted. I quoted the relevant part, ever. As it looks like you did not bother to read it, I should post it again, and beg for your collaboration in having a read:
  12. I am beginning to think you did not read that, as I could find easily the following: Furthermore, that document was from before WWII, while the current State of Israel was created by the UN passing Resolution 181 (II), and that would supersede any document on the matter passed by the Society of Nations.
  13. Then, some remarkable dialectic exchange on sportswear clothing What just happened: Reasons for that happening: Reactions to those reasons: Perhaps that says more about the current political discourse in Germany than about the ME conflict, however.
  14. Do you know of Southern Baptists "pulling a Smollett" before?
  15. Of course. Seems you forget who have the monopoly of innocence, according to the statement you quoted, i.e. claiming all innocent people belong to one and only group.
  16. Brandon Herrera went to reproduce the shots, against Trump, and against the assassin.
  17. An IDF condecoration was created for the members of Lehi, even: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehi_(militant_group)#Service_ribbon
  18. In modern, rule of law societies, there is that thing of innocent until proven guilty, you know. Not that all of those detainees would be have the luxury of a hearing in a justice court. See, for instance: How Israel jails hundreds of Palestinians without charge Israel/OPT: Horrifying cases of torture and degrading treatment of Palestinian detainees amid spike in arbitrary arrests Palestinian children in Israeli military detention report increasingly violent conditions
  19. Looks like you think all the relevant ethnic cleansing here was one sided. As a counter-example, I give you the Moroccan case, where the Moroccan government did not want to see their Jews depart the country. Then, on the other side, there is the Nakba.
  20. Ok, that is one. There are 674 other ones whose enlistment with Hamas needs to be proved.
  21. Video on manufacturing of anchor chain. Near the end are tests of tensile strength, and resilience of the material, sights quite rare to see.
  22. There have been rumors of two shooters at the PA rally, and someone used sound analysis to support that theory. However, I could not imagine a second shooter wasting the chance of shoot Trump when he got up, in that iconic picture.
  23. Now we will see the differences between "international law" and that "rules-based international order".
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