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  1. When politicos became aware of Environmentalism being a useful, even "science-based" ideology, too many scientists decided that wealth was more important than intellectual honesty. There was the acid rain scare, the population bomb scare, the "next glaciation" scare, the ozone layer scare, the nuclear power scare, the global warming scare... Then came the "plandemic", and there are concentration camps in Australia, cases of forced vaccination, and even Germany will bring to the Bundestag a law forcing compulsory vaccination. Where are the real scientists? Hounded out of mass media, and social media.
  2. On the covid deaths without other underlying causes: https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/deathsfromcovid19withnootherunderlyingcauses?s=09
  3. Stalinism at face value. We need a died-in-the-wool Nazi to keep him entertained.
  4. Does anyone think that the neoconservatives currently in power in USA are representative of Classical Liberalism?
  5. Indeed. Do you recall when back about the beginnings of 2020 one could have a video deleted from YT only because there was a mention of the Wuhan flu? Channels devoted to computer review and news had to be very careful when mentioning some causes of the chip shortage, like lockdowns in Taiwan because "human malware".
  6. Well, not all were your countrymen, and some of those that were, died a long ago...
  7. I have heard of him. Even met him several times. Could confirm he has wrote some books, and I even have read them. I could not say those books are bad, really.
  8. And, as is written in one comment, the hiatus between the actual jab and the status change from double to triple jabbed could play a role:
  9. Then there is this data that suggest some vaccine batches have worse side effects than others, in a seemingly non-random manner:
  10. You may have a point here, but those rates are "age-standardised", and that should take care of that difference: See section 4 of that ONS methods website.
  11. Problem is, the supposed sage of the Cottswolds does the same and, well...
  12. Re the part in bold: that is irrelevant for the purpose of ascertaining if one is more likely to die from kung flu if that one is vaccinated or not. I find remarkable you have nothing to say about the different lethality rates from covid in vaccinated or no vaccinated. If your major, and apparently only, concern is keeping the hospitals empty, then there is always the Cuomo option, send back to their homes the ones afflicted with the disease, and let them die without making much fuss.
  13. Well, glenn39 has been the target more times than not. Feel free to go to the current Seelöwe thread and see.
  14. Impressive set of circumstances. Take care, hope all is well, and prayers sent.
  15. New Zealand is sending help, too: https://nzdf.mil.nz/nzdf/significant-projects-and-issues/tonga-response/
  16. Another one that does not know neither what an infection rate, nor a confidence interval is? I mean, infection, hospitalization, and dead rates could be inaccurate because of fewer cases due to a smaller population of one type, but there are confidence intervals published there, man!
  17. You may want to look up road construction costs in plains and in hilly terrain. I doubt there is any mountain tunnel between Warsaw and Moscow, for instance. Larger rivers, yes. A scorched earth policy with regard to transport infrastructure would have been more effective applied to roads and rail lines in the mountains than in a plain. Also the Barcelona route would have needed of the invasion of Vichy France, and that is another can of worms. As an aside, I think one needs to arrive by road from France to Spain to appreciate how big of an obstacle the Pyrenees are. You are in the southern French plain, then suddenly a veritable wall of very steep, very high mountains appear, rising from the plain without any transition. And that is only the beginning, and that is the easier far eastern side. Far western side is also easy, and the French tried an invasion that way some times, only to be stopped just at the border. Then there are but the central Pyrenees, a real nightmare.
  18. It is not as clear cut, and some other factors could have help to delay Barbarossa, however.
  19. Here is a good overview of the current knowledge on the eruption. Why so large of an explosion?
  20. 1940 Spanish army was quite large, as it had incorporated both of the armies that fought the Civil War, albeit its equipment was on the verge of obsolescence. However, the main obstacle for an invasion was topography. See: To reach Madrid from France one has to overcome not one, but two major mountain ranges. Poland, France, and Russia, are flat like billiards' tables in comparison. Think like invading Switzerland from Italy, or France from Italy. I daresay the Iberian Peninsula never has been invaded by land from the north when there was some kind of military defense available. Even the Roman conquest was initially by sea. Even the 8th century Arabs, that invaded from the South had internal Spanish help. The northern path, by Irun-Bilbao, is transitable only along the coast and much naval fire support could not be expected from the Kriegsmarine. Vulnerability of the coastal defenses, quite powerful around Bilbao, to air assault could be a concern, true. Then one should consider how the real life Operation Felix, the German plan for the conquest of Gibraltar, developed. Not the best source, but useful for general understanding: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Felix
  21. Which indemnity? I think there is an agreement between manufacturers and governments clearing the former ones from any responsibility.
  22. If the classification as "vaccinated" is like here, then he died unvaccinated, and from covid, so another argument in favor of vaccination of children. Really, we are not far from hearing the cries of pain from the statistics being tortured.
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