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  1. Could be because of this:
  2. The Arizona audit results have been presented. By the absence of post by some ignored users, I understand they are not happy with those results.
  3. Currently, lava is getting more fluid, and eroding the cone of cinders.
  4. Excellent article about the geological history of La Palma island, and the current eruption https://www.volcanocafe.org/the-making-of-la-palma/ Eruption is intensifying, another fissure has opened, and large lapilli is failing. There has been a new evacuation order.
  5. Then there is the J-pop against K-pop angle, but I do not have enough resolve to go find multimedia examples.
  6. Ok, that internet outage could be business as usual. Then, woe to the Australian SAS troopers indicted of war crimes in Afghanistan, meanwhile near their homes: https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/lawreport/australian-police-buy-up-on-sound-weapons/7419408
  7. Arizona audit release is due at 1300 local time, I think.
  8. I thought this was so over the top that it must be a parody. Nope, it is not.
  9. Nice work, DB! There are anecdotes, I dare not call that evidence, about under-reporting to VAERS with a factor of 10-20, but even not factoring that, and considering that filing false reports to VAERS is a criminal offense*, I think one could establish there is something funny with the current crop of kung flu vaccines. *See https://skirsch.com/covid/Killed.pdf, pg.21.
  10. I wonder if the Black Swan event concept has been abused. For instance, when one engages in known dangerous activities because he is not accepting the activities are dangerous, and consequently gets hurt, Is that a Black Swan event, or simply the usual manner Nature rewards the stupids? According to Taleb: A volcano destroying structures built in its flanks is no outlier whatsoever, for starters. Actually, that is what volcanos do. Finally, Taleb gives as examples of Black Swan events:
  11. Internet outage in Victoria? https://www.investmentwatchblog.com/mainstream-media-cut-off-in-melbourne-internet-cut-in-victoria/
  12. Careful, or the Forum Police(TM) will fine you!
  13. Good information here For instance: Timelapse of the pyrocumulus on top of the volcano: Nice explosion in second 10:
  14. This is the America answer to "The Madness of King George III".
  15. Concise precis video This video by German guy is interesting as it shows the usual life in a village near the volcano.
  16. This is an interesting example of question and answer posts. Question: Answer:
  17. Ah, the myth of the short, victorious war...
  18. Worrying, but with facts, and data. Link to the paper in Toxicology Reports: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S221475002100161X
  19. The northern part is composed of several extinct volcanoes. A bit like Hawaii island, the big one, and her volcanoes wrt Mauna Kea (extinct), Mauna Loa (low activity), and Kilauea (very active).
  20. https://americanmind.org/salvo/the-great-and-good-angelo-codevilla/
  21. I never thought that Black Swan events could be relative, but you have a point here that deserves more thinking.
  22. This is not a Black Swan event. This is a expected result of what volcanos do. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/blackswan.asp Will that future California earthquake, the Big One, a Black Swan event?
  23. No. Because of these reasons: 1.- Ceuta and Melilla were Spanish before there was a Morocco. 2.- Morocco is not a member of the EU. 3.- Morocco is not an European country. 4.- Morocco is not a member of NATO. 5.- Morocco is not a democracy. 6.- Morocco human rights record is not nice. Curiously, most of those reasons are not valid for Hong Kong, and you did sell some tens of thousands of loyal subjects of HM to the Communist Chinese, with the effects we are seeing now. The only expired lease in the HK case were the New Territories. Hong Kong island was a Crown Colony since 1842. No end date. Kowloon Peninsula was ceded to the British Empire in 1860. No end date. The terms of the lease of the New Territories are known, and there was an end date.
  24. Yes, the govt through the usual insurance companies. But the structure must be insured beforehand.
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