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  1. Who are STAVKA? I kniow of no such organization exists in the Russian Army.
  2. So he lied when he said a president responsible for that many deaths should resign.
  3. And what has that to do with the GOP?
  4. I must have missed the bit in their party platform where it said to drive three hundred klicks to a Black neighbourhood to kill African Americans whose anscestors have probably been in American .longer than most Americans of European decent. Apparently, his "manifesto" was also highly anti-Semitic which also doesn't track with the Repblican paltform, though anti-Semites are quite welcome in the Demcratic Party. They do oppose unrestricted and illegal immigration, something just about every nation and most people everywhere also oppose. Of course were that his main issue, he probably would have looked for a Hispanic neighbourhood to terrorize. One rather wonders if the MSM concentration on that part of his screed rather than his actions is due to their interest in certain issues rather than the criminal's.
  5. Yep. The Russians could drench Azovstal with hundreds of tons of Napalm and it would be entirely legal or cover every inch in WP.
  6. No sense, obviously. He's a murderous lunatic apparently subscribing to a lunatic ideology.
  7. That wasn't what he said, though, and his Administration changed little or nothing about the roll out.
  8. Yes. It's illegal to use incendiaries on or near civilians. A purely military target, like the defenders of Azovstal, are fair game. https://treaties.unoda.org/t/ccwc_p3
  9. I'm pretty sure I remember credit cards like Visa and MasterCharge being around before 1974, so I chewcked Wikipedai. It seems they strted in 1958 in the US and 1966 in the UK. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credit_card#BankAmericard_and_Master_Charge
  10. Or sold to a dealer who has resold them to Ukraine.
  11. Their AKs were probably sold off by someone in the Russian Army to finance a new dacha instead of being delivered to the separatists..
  12. Yes they did. The Soviet Army and its clients had Kalashnikovs. There should be enough left from those days for everyone in their forces to be armed with sixties vintage rifles rather than GPW or Great War surplus.
  13. Just about every third world militia, guerrilla, bandit group, terrorist, or truculent farmer has an AK, Even SKS are passe nowadays. Yet these guys are stuck with 1891 designed bolt-action Moisins.
  14. Case fatality, though, is only 1.2% which isn't much higher than Canada at 1.0%. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality
  15. Atwood might have visited the Middle East at some point, but she says she was inspired by Reagan and the US religious right.
  16. Not any kind of conservative. Cleary you have no idea what the Conservative Party stands for it of Canadian conservative principles.
  17. Green then, as if there's a differencece. You're not a Conservative - your posts prove that. You claim not to be a Liberal. There's not much left.
  18. This is far from the only thread you discuss Trump. I'm pretty sure an NDPer like you does have issues with the Liberals.
  19. I do note that no missile strikes or any other American military action was taken against the Mexican drug gangs after all. It doesn't seem as if it was all that hard to talk him out of the idea, assuming the renarks were said or have been reported accurately.
  20. 122 mm is 48 lines in pre-Revolution Russian measurements. Perhaps that sounded better or was easier to make using Tsarist era machinery than 120 mm / 47 lines?
  21. Funny how nearly everyone else who has come out of Iraq or Afghanistan didn't turn into neo-Nazi assholes. It's as iif that freudian excuse is complete nonsense.
  22. Scroll down and there's a nice photo of Zelenskyy in a T-shirt celebrating May the 4th.
  23. Or supporting laws that demonstrably save thousands of lives per year through defensive gun usages. Gun control has succeeded though, if by success one means it's disarmed law-abiding inner city dwellers who are at the mercy of criminals with illegally obtained and owned guns. But they're just Negroes and no one cares if they kille ach oither, right? About eleven hundred Black children are victims of homicide every year out of two thousand murdered children annually.
  24. There have been two HMS Churchill and one HMCS Churchill. The first was a Town Class (ex-USN Clemson Class) destroyer officially nammed for a town of that name, butr generally acknoledged to have been named for the PM. The second HMS Churchill was the first British SSBN. The RCN Churchill was a shore establishment located at Churchill, Manitoba which was named for John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough.
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