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  1. They had the AA escort capability of a Baltimore/Oregon City Class, of which the USN had eighteen, but cost more to operate. Not only larger, but they had twice the crew. They were a bit cheaper than battleships, but about half as capable as AA escorts. Any battleships they met, they'd be too light to fight them, and they were expensive over kill against Soviet cruisers which would be overmatched by a Baltimore. The three Des Moines with their automatic eight inch guns would be better anti-surface platforms.
  2. I don't know where you get "pathological" from. King had some good reasons to be suspicious about British intentions. For one thing, they wanted to take the lead in the naval war when the USN was going to be providing most of the assets. King in particular didn't want to divert more resources from the Pacific than he had too and the British performance and utilization of US assets in late 1941 and 1942 didn't give him much confidence in the Admiralty's competence and leadership. The PQ17 debacle for instance
  3. The stage is such an artificial environment that alternative casting and settings can work well. Film tends to require more realism or it risks breaking the willing suspension of disbelief. As for the current distaste for White, cisgendered, able bodied actors playing roles that aren't supposed to be White, cisgendered, able bodied, besides ensuring non White etc. actors get work, there's a reaction against things like John Wayne and Mickey Rooney playing Asians.
  4. Why? King might not have got along well with the British Admiralty, but wasn't delusional enough to think the UK would be a post war enemy of the US or work towards making it one Battleships, bot the 27 knot ones and the 32 knot ones, were intended to be carrier escorts - ten battleships for ten carrier groups of two Essexes or Midways.
  5. AIUI, the numbers seem to show that vaccinated people are less likely to get Covid than unvaccinated. It isn't 100%, but it is much more than 50/50.
  6. Which makes it more important for others to get vaccinated so they are less likely to pass it to them.
  7. She's lived in England since she was two so we can't really claim her as one of ours.
  8. You will find some nutjobs out of any group of a few hundred random people.
  9. The NCs and SDs only had trouble keeping up if carriers were going full speed to launch aircraft. They were sufficiently fast to keep up with task forces during the war. In peacetime, even the Iowas weren't all kept in commission until Korea.
  10. North Carolina commissioned fourteen years after Rodney. King George V thirteen years. A great deal of progress had been made in that time. On nearly the same tonnage the new ships were as well protected but several knots faster. The Nelsons by 1945 were too slow to keep up with more modern battleships and carriers, let alone Soviet cruisers.
  11. In WW2 only three capital ships were sunk underway by land based air. Four others were sunk in port. Four capital ships were sunk underway by carrier air with six more in port. Five more were sunk mostly by gunfire at sea.
  12. Yes. In daylight and clear weather. The North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans tend to be more difficult environments for 1950s aircraft than the Pacific.
  13. Ten modern battleships. Two North Carolinas, four South Dakotas, and four Iowas all with nine 16 inch guns compared to four King George V with ten 14 inch guns and one Vanguard with eight 15 inch guns.
  14. Up until the late fifties, gun armed ships had an advantage over carriers that their major weapons systems worked nearly as well at night or in bad weather as in day light and good weather.
  15. In 1945, The RN had five modern battleships in service or building The French Navy had two. The Turks had a pre WW1 ex German battle cruiser. Italy had two new battleships, but they were scheduled to be handed over to the US and UK for scrapping.
  16. The USN likely wanted to replace the fifteen old 1910s and'20s vintage battleships with which they started the war. They had completed ten new ones and two more would bring that up to twelve. As time went in and budgets shrank, they seem to have decided they could make do with ten, especially as the Soviets had only one useful dreadnought in service.
  17. As I recall, the entente had a third partner, though unofficially at first. I don't think you really want to allied with them again.
  18. This is why you need an island volcano base with a pool of mutated sea bass with fricking lasers on their heads
  19. And the two strips before. Quite amusing.
  20. The courts have ruled that Maddow isn't to be taken seriously.
  21. Switzerland is between Italy and Germany. It's either on the way or in the way of people who want to go from one to the the other.
  22. I know that to some, maybe all, politicians, these events are just photo ops and virtue signalling, but at least they can usually fake it well enough.
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