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  1. I was going from the stated M1 11.5 km range in the tweet. The newer generation ammo has the question of how much is in stock and who is willing to release how much.
  2. Only with RAP, with all the associated downsides which are considerable. Also the Ukrainians seem to imply they don't have any.
  3. Who else has and controls the value add niche capabilites that acts as force multipliers? Everybody else is at best trying to keep micro niche capabilities that are too few in number, obsolete or both. Never mind the general mass. No WE/CEE nation can conduct a near peer war. Murdering a few natives armed with sharpened fruit is it, and even that at significant cost to territorial defence capability. Russia in 2000 was open to a common security organisation with NATO members integrated as long it was not under NATO control. The EU probably would not have supported the 2014 putsch, so the event chain is not relevant. Even if it did happen, this would have driven military integration running along some EU framework. The US provides an alternative which derails this EU military integration. If Catalonia was free to pursue independant military and foreign policy, even if otherwise tied into the Spanish nation state, that feeds back into the longterm legitimacy and viability of the Spanish nation state. The EU finds itself in this position.
  4. Gun velocity being noted? This did not come from the crews or the FO's, but from a PR person somehwere. A weird quality to highlight, not to mention it's MV is not exceptional. What will be interesting to hear is how the lower effect and shorter range are appreciated by the 122 units. AFAIK nobody has made this transition. Populating a supply chain takes significant stock, especially if they have limited capacity for low level repair. Where from? Wearing body suits with integral translation units so they look and sound Russian. Wonder of modern technology. Not to mention barrel life is not a hard wall, but a number after which range will start to decrease, while dispersion and the danger of barrel failure increase. WWII Wehrmacht had many artillery units employing guns that were far past their technical barrel life. This started already in 42.
  5. If loiter munitions can be packed like sonobuoys, some of them seem similar in size, a utility helicopter does seem like the sensible starting point. With at least a mast mounted sensor system and the the ability to feed off sensor drones.
  6. Without the few million on the other side of the ledger, hardly comparable. Your interpretation is wrong. Anybody in UK jail for illegal war of aggression and mass murder? Any trials? No. How many service members in jail for the murder of Iraqi's and Afghani's and wherever else your merry band of cutthroats were active? Considering the scale of civilian losses a few thousand at least? We both know the answer to that. The UK does put more effort into it's judicial theatre but the outcome is the same. The outrage at the others sides BS seems proportional the suspectibility to ones own. Bye
  7. In this context, the existance of NATO is the problem, it slows down or prevents the organic development of such "federal" units/capabilities and working out the political parameters of it's use. Cost pressure and technological evolution means the current attempts of everybody to do everything will break down sooner rather than later. Everybody subsidising the US with the US ulitmately retaining both sole control and reaping the financial/R&D/strategic benefits suits it very well, but screws over any EU potential. IMO Iraq demonstrated the issues with this approach. The German/French disagreement with the CEE countries and NATO providing both leverage and a pathway for the US to exert influence on individual states led to a lot of EU internal conflict and prevented the forming of an internal consensus and formulation of a common policy, whatever that may have been.
  8. The Iranians always get forgotten though they suffered twice and with at least double the death toll.
  9. Misdirection and BS metrics. That the UK Government is an enthusiastic practitioner of mass murder in pursuit of it's political objectives is a sad reality. The fact it tries to scandalize a particular method in a singular event on it's soil, one with no "collateral damage" no less, is revealing. It can't scandalize the murder, there are too many stinking bodies in it's wake, there was no "collateral damge" to instrumentalise, so what's left? Trying to focus attention on a particular method, but the fact remains that a chemical weapon that only killed it's intended victim is in every way better and preferable to a "smart bomb" that murders "collateral damage" nearby. As for BS metrics. "14000 at risk". By what definition? Using the same methodology on RAF sorties what are the numbers? A RAF sortie potentially endangers literally everybody in fuel radius. It can overfly, it can crash, it can drop it's payload with no outside failsafe once it's in the air. Where are the headlines, "RAF Typhoon flys over London, Millions at risk of fiery sudden death".
  10. Helos ability to quickly mass fires is something no ground based system can match unless you take something with huge range arguably better used for other things. Any Artillery at range with unguided ammunition will also have significant dispersion. Drones may be the better solution, but could one fly drones of a size that can carry a similar payload in a way that will keep it alive in a similar threat enviroment.
  11. Economic and security policy can't be divided in the long term, they are interdependent. If not one ends up with the current mess that the EU finds itself in. The more members, the bigger the geographic spread, the harder to account for the divergent regional and security interests. This is common to any alliance with sovereign members that integrate over time and indeed seems to mostly lead to withdrawal and external passivity since it's extremely hard to gain sufficent consensus for local adventures. But common defence and pooling of expensive niche capabilities is still are possible.
  12. The media campaign surrounding HIMARS was/is deliberate and definitely prepared. There wasn't anything like that for the usage of the above in the early months. I don't think we've heard anything concrete on how it's being employed. No, non chromed barrels and the older propellants the Russians are certainly using cause erosion that was eliminated in the West starting in the 90's with chroming and new charge additives. Doubt it. MLRS have many advantages that have nothing to do with tubes burning out. Autoloaders are needed for the TOT capability that was all the rage for a while. The reduction in manning is probably a bonus. However the TOT capability only works in certain range bands, and the manpower reduction is bought with more maintenance overhead. AFAIK this would be the first time that non naval autoloaders are getting really stress tested. Only 2k barrel life sounds extremely low. Where did you hear this from?
  13. The US was very hostile to the set up of an European security umbrella under the guise of the WEU. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Security_and_Defence_Policy The local interests of any political entity are not homogenous. But for any poltical entity to be effective in the long term, it must create and learn the mechanisms for the tradeoffs and policy discussions to take place within it's framework. If peripheral areas can break out at will to form ad hoc alliances with outside powers, and there will always be someone who finds it more convenient or hopes to gain more from circumventing the internal process, the cumulative damage to the long term legitimacy at some point becomes fatal. It was giving Poland and the Baltic states the finger, but that's it. The US as ever was pursuing it's own agenda. Not 19th century style but certainly 21st century style. Also ex Europe cooperation the US norms, sanctions and economic coercion arsenal is falls under the critical size needed to be effective, and with it a large part of it's soft power. The outrage at targeted killings on one's own turf seems proportionate to the eagerness to enact the same everywhere else. At least the UK could learn something about limiting the "collateral damage" of such. The same nonsense as the massive outrage bus a few years ago when a British soldier was killed in England.
  14. As a comparison at 30km a L47 155mm M109 KAWEST has a 50% longitudal spread of about 1%, but I have no experience with MLRS so really can't say if the values are reasonable.
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