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  1. Plus the press up here is just a tiny bit biased by publishing stories like this. https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/error-in-judgement-cbc-edmonton-regrets-mannequins-use-in-covid-19-news-report#comments-area The only thing that made it unbelievable is Trudeau is so dumb he would think people like him if he heard a chant of let's go Trudeau.
  2. Oh no what are people going to do? They might actually become desperate and have to think for themselves or realize people don't actually give a crap about them.
  3. Different engine for Challenger varients are not really much of an issue. When Challenger 1 was in service the CRARRV had a different Powerpack and gearbox. They used the CRARRV engine and gearbox latter in the Challenger 2 . In some cases the regiments equipped with Challenger weren't issued with the CRAVVE yet and some ran with the CENT ARV. At the KRH HQ LAD there was a picture of a CRARRV being towed by a Chieftain ARRV being towed by a Centurion ARV. The Centurion ARV was also prefered over the Chieftain ARRV and soldiered on till the mid 1990s.
  4. Sure Brec Bassinger should be able to play as Shakespeares Othello I'm sure it will be popular as long as they keep the costumes tight enough and add some love scenes.
  5. Yes because if they bothered to check with someone who's job it is to fix install these systems. The first thing they would be told is trust the time stamp. Video recorders were phased out twenty years ago since then everything is recorded on digital with network support which is all synchronized to the network time.Even closed looped systems like prisons sync their Network video recorders to a time server. Simply put users do not need to or are even allowed to set the time on most systems.
  6. The evil oppressors are the wrong shade of white so they can be ignored, just like all the inner-city murders commited by those who are not white.
  7. So they go to war against those who are the heaviest armed if it turns hot it's not going to be the longest of wars.
  8. I can only see one problem. The San Jose half-caf, non fat wet soy latte Party doesn't roll off the tongue.
  9. I wonder if removing McAfee out of a cell is as easy as removing McAfee out of a computer. (Somebody had to say it first)
  10. When has signing contracts stopped someone in Ottawa from changing their mind?
  11. Since when has the MOD ever went for the easiest and quickest solution?
  12. You are going to be overtaxing the crew. Between crewing the tank, checking the air pressure in the road wheels and feeding the lawyers. One of them is going to get forgotten about.
  13. Probably fitting a milspec Roo bar.
  14. Most British AFV's with metal fuel tanks had the fuel in rubber bladders so that wouldn't work. My guess is cost if there is a way to do something the MOD will pick the cheapest.
  15. And BLM wins as the police will have to be defunded as nobody with an ounce of intelligence will want to be a police officer in that city.
  16. It didn't work it was still a puke generator.
  17. I think the bigger problem is you are looking directly at the clear fuel tank that's mounted on the side wall when sitting in the back seats of the REME warrior variants repair and recovery. This is especially the case when the crew tell you not to look at them just before they drive you cross country as it is very well known for inducing extreme nausea.
  18. On the Canadians always apologizing. A Quebec Liberal MP is apologizing after he was seen naked on a video screen while MPs participated in a hybrid parliamentary session on Wednesday. William Amos, who represents the western Quebec riding of Pontiac, appeared on-screen without clothes moving around his office. Amos appeared on a video feed that only MPs and House of Commons staff can see, separate from the public-facing ParlVu video system. CBC News obtained a photo that shows Amos standing without clothes in what appears to be an office with Canadian and Quebec flags in the background. He is holding something that blocks the view of his private parts. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/william-amos-liberal-mp-naked-parliament-1.5988128
  19. My daughters going to a Canadian University she was passing. So I told here to phrase all her essays as "White man bad" Her marks jumped up by 10-15 points since doing that.
  20. But you will still be considered a racist if your urine is not brown enough only true believers urine will be brown saving the Political Commissariat the cost of a bullet.
  21. I don't think range cards would have been much of a factor for the Arabs. In the conflicts with the Israelis they were advancing onto prepared Israeli positions and that always favours the defenders with equal equipment. The Israeli also took a beating when the advanced into the prepared defenders equipped with Saggers. In the Gulf war they were defending but their equipment was lacking having a range cards with distances up to 2km even in a featureless desert doesn't help if you are being engaged from 2.5km. the fact they were willing to put up a fight doesn't make the inferior just unlucky.
  22. I guess one of the biggest differences in the British system is the tanks are assigned to the squadron not individually apart from the crew equipment and the REME LAD (light aid detachment) is part of the squadron and accompany the squadron so even when the vehicles are being repaired at the squadron(company) level they have never left the squadron and have squadron personnel with them. So if the squadron leaders tank is down for repair he could take another tank from his squadron and leave the replacement crew with the tank being repaired to carry out other duties like guarding the LAD in war time or personal admin during range time. When not deployed as the LAD is part of the squadron the crews do not need to be present just someone to unlock the hatches or just assign the hatch padlock key as happens in most cases for any repairs to happen as the REME are squadron personnel . All the squadron commander is interested in is ready number which are supplied to him by the tiffy (Artificer Sargent SSGT in charge of the LAD) The other big difference is the REME was much more broadly trained than the American system. if someone was a mechanic it covered the whole engine and running gear and Instrument Techs (no longer a trade replaced by turret technicians) used to fix the sights which covered anything you can look through from a periscope to thermal sight and you could serve both first and second line repair. That meant the LAD were the company/Battalion level support and if they couldn't get you moving they could be sending a replacement tank some repairs could be done second line but since most REME personal had done a stint in second line most knew if the repair was possible at second line. As for Mechanical verses Electronic I did my trade training on Chieftain Mk 12 and served with Challenger1 Mk 3 first line plus CVRT and Warrior and everything else with a sight. They were hardly advanced in the electronic department due to the MOD ducks ass spending philosophy. Thankfully I never had to replace a Chieftains gunners aux sight in the field as it was supposed to be one of the hardest dirtiest job to do due to them getting rusted and grimed in. The ones in the training tanks had been removed so often they practically fell out.
  23. A crew not seeing what actual work is involved is not uncommon. Sights by there very nature highly breakable glass on a front line vehicle so are designed to be easily replaced in anything from 2 minutes to about an hour for most British sights. Then they are shipped off to second line for repair. The sights mounts and linkages are designed and built for this. All most crews then see is when they report something broken the tech climbs on and an hour later their vehicle is now working. They don't realize that one of the major components has been changed and the damaged item is off to be repaired at a maintenance depot. The same goes for most items on a tank first line repair for techs is mainly box changing for the most part. The linkages and mounts can be changed in the vehicle and they do sometimes break which is rare but a large enough impact to throw off the linkages is also very likely to seriously damage the vehicle in some other way so in most cases it would be going to need overhauled at third line.
  24. Maintenance is a non issue if you are not the one doing it. CR1 which was an upgraded Chieftain system even then all tanks would go through approximately 3 hours of testing with and adjusting with no faults before going to the range. The test equipment used was sensitive enough we had to stop the crews walking on the tank when it was parked and the engine off as it would affect these tests. For optical test we went with an error of half the MRS dot graticle which using the rough formula error= Magnification of the sight x 2 error times the distance makes the error 10 magnification x 2 x .075 mills which gives you a +/-1.5 mill error The crews training and tests were in some cases the complete opposite of what we did as our tests were to find the errors but the crews were there to make their test consistent including any errors. So some of the crews were not understanding how our test were going to work but the cleaver ones just accepted them if we gave them a tank we had set up for firing instead of redoing the tests the way they were taught. One thing that was quite amusing is the commander bore sighting to a different target than the gunner is looking at was quite common it even happened to one tank crewed by the regimental gunnery instructor (commander) and squadron gunnery instructor(gunner). I let my Sargent tell them he could at least get a few beers out of that oops.
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