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  1. Sure Brec Bassinger should be able to play as Shakespeares Othello I'm sure it will be popular as long as they keep the costumes tight enough and add some love scenes.
  2. Yes because if they bothered to check with someone who's job it is to fix install these systems. The first thing they would be told is trust the time stamp. Video recorders were phased out twenty years ago since then everything is recorded on digital with network support which is all synchronized to the network time.Even closed looped systems like prisons sync their Network video recorders to a time server. Simply put users do not need to or are even allowed to set the time on most systems.
  3. The evil oppressors are the wrong shade of white so they can be ignored, just like all the inner-city murders commited by those who are not white.
  4. So they go to war against those who are the heaviest armed if it turns hot it's not going to be the longest of wars.
  5. I can only see one problem. The San Jose half-caf, non fat wet soy latte Party doesn't roll off the tongue.
  6. I wonder if removing McAfee out of a cell is as easy as removing McAfee out of a computer. (Somebody had to say it first)
  7. When has signing contracts stopped someone in Ottawa from changing their mind?
  8. Since when has the MOD ever went for the easiest and quickest solution?
  9. You are going to be overtaxing the crew. Between crewing the tank, checking the air pressure in the road wheels and feeding the lawyers. One of them is going to get forgotten about.
  10. Probably fitting a milspec Roo bar.
  11. Most British AFV's with metal fuel tanks had the fuel in rubber bladders so that wouldn't work. My guess is cost if there is a way to do something the MOD will pick the cheapest.
  12. And BLM wins as the police will have to be defunded as nobody with an ounce of intelligence will want to be a police officer in that city.
  13. It didn't work it was still a puke generator.
  14. I think the bigger problem is you are looking directly at the clear fuel tank that's mounted on the side wall when sitting in the back seats of the REME warrior variants repair and recovery. This is especially the case when the crew tell you not to look at them just before they drive you cross country as it is very well known for inducing extreme nausea.
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